The Great Divide

I was watching an interview the other day, of billionaire investor Nick Hanauer. hes a billionaire investor and entrepreneur (invested in, and started nearly 30 of his own companies).  In the interview, he was talking about the great division between the rich and poor in the US. He makes a great case. The nation will slowly be running around with pitchforks determined to take out the 1%!

nick h minimum wage

I couldn’t help but think more about it. My friend Robbie owns multiple limo companies and hes a millionaire. Granted, he finds himself in the top 5%, but many members of his clientele using his company are in the top 1-3%. He says, “Most people that are mega-rich, don’t go around just fluffing up money, spending on careless things, bottles of the best champagne etc”. They wouldn’t have made it rich, if they weren’t frugal and financial wizards. In fact, you would have no idea they were mega rich, as some of them have to be reminded of the dress code! So its a direct example of the trickle down not working.

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Getting A Bit Hot In Here

Have you seen what the world is coming to? Anybody who has watched an Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore, know that the world is heating up fast- or cooling down depending where you are! Glacial ice melt, excess CO2, constant problems with the ozone and so much more environmental risks are involved with global warming…earth

How can we stop it from happening? Surely we cannot just shut down the world, we have to move forward. In times like this, the nursing workforce has to bring these intellectual debates to life, to help spread the cause. You will not catch us riding around in limousines like my friend Robbie does with his limo company mentioned in our previous post, but we can talk about the little things that can really change the world.

I truly believe in Tesla, the electric vehicle ( Elon Musk’s creation) and that it has the ability to become a huge savior for the earth. To make something change on a grand scale, everyone needs to do it at the same time. Glacial melt is occurring at an extreme rate and pretty soon the shoreline will be higher, and polar bears will be extinct…

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A Corrupt Healthcare System? No Way!

NurseAre you one of the ones who think the healthcare system is flawed? No need to say more. There’s something intrinsically wrong with the way we do things in America, and a lot of times it just baffles me how nobody sits down and thinks about the subject- a large problem that we are facing- and comes up with an intelligent solution. I don’t understand how Barack Obama, Congress and some of world’s most brilliant minds cannot come up with a single financially doable way of having a universal healthcare system? To really figure out the problem we have to go back to its roots, and with healthcare, the roots are always education.

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We Have Precious Lives

SunnyLife is just so fragile, isn’t it? Seems like every day we hear of a tragic accident or of another huge issue that is going to bring the world to its knees. It’s the reason that some of us over here had gotten involved in nursing in the first place. It takes a certain person to be a nurse, and you have to be somebody that deeply cares for the human condition. There are no prejudices in nursing life, everyone is a life to be saved, and deserves to be saved.

But some things just hit really close to home. You never think it’s can happen to you until it does until a close family member passes or some big life moment occurs. Enough about the mushy stuff. The technology we have in this world that is slowly evolving, is changing the world day by day. Your slowly able to see organs grown, diseases cured, and other major problems in the medical industry for the human race slowly be abolished. What is that mean for us?

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